Canucks vs Predators

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Predators Home Ice... The GEC
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The BellSouth "Bat Building" Broadway Pre game
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"Gnash" the mascot
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Nashville is "Smashville" when the Predators play
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National anthem singer
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Opening face off Sly's fave player - Trevor Linden
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Pushy shovey!
DSC09800.JPG DSC09801.JPG DSC09828.JPG
But no real fights :( His hat doesn't fit! I don't understand the need for cheerleaders....
DSC09829.JPG DSC09831.JPG DSC09837.JPG
Or a "Bed Push Race" And do we really need advertising on the Zamboni, too?
DSC09838.JPG DSC09844.JPG DSC09855.JPG I get it..... Why can't we find a better way to get these old guys on the ice?
DSC09907.JPG DSC09856.JPG DSC09858.JPG
Nashville fan trying to figure out hockey....
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DSC09875.JPG DSC09879.JPG DSC09880.JPG
No idea why he's wearing a turban....
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DSC09895.JPG DSC09896.JPG DSC09900.JPG
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When the Preds go on a Power Play....
DSC09916.JPG DSC09923.JPG DSC09924.JPG
The fans do the "Fang Fingers"
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DSC09948.JPG DSC09949.JPG DSC09952.JPG
Bertuzzi - useless
DSC09957.JPG DSC09959.JPG DSC09960.JPG
The Fat Lady sung! Of course the Preds won! They used two goalies!
DSC09962.JPG DSC09967.JPG DSC09968.JPG
Thomas Voukon is a good goalie

Last updated: 3/2/06